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What is the Transeo Deal Club?

The Transeo Deal Club is Transeo’s trusted community of business advisors helping their clients with international transfer & acquisition projects.

The Transeo Deal Club stimulates international transactions by sharing cross-border & international opportunities: either buyers looking for a foreign target, or companies for sale looking for foreign investors.

All opportunities have an international outreach and are in the small business market, between €0.5M and €20-25M turnover.

The Transeo Deal Club is exclusively for Transeo Members.

What will you find in the Deal Club?

  • Trust

    The Transeo Deal Club consists exclusively of Transeo Members, who know each other and have built relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

  • Confidentiality

    Only blind profiles are presented in the Transeo Deal Club. To know more about a deal mandate, use the power of the network & get in direct contact with other advisors.

  • Unique focus on small businesses

    What our advisors have in common: they are all active in transfers & acquisitions of small businesses. The transactions range from €500,000 to €25M.

  • International aspect

    As the objective is to stimulate international transactions, the Transeo Deal Club mandates always have cross-border or international appeal, in Europe & beyond.

Get to know Transeo Deal Club Members

The Members of the Transeo Deal Club are all M&A professionals, specialised in small business transfers & acquisitions in Europe & beyond: experts in the business broker and intermediary industry, corporate lawyers, corporate finance firms, and matching platforms/marketplaces.

Recent international opportunities

  • Sell-side
  • Buy-side
  • Software to assist in the development of legal, commercial or any other business documents

    About the company:

    • Sector(s): ICT
    • Country(ies): France
    • Turnover: 1,9M€
    • Deal value: 5M€
    • Staff: 14 FTE
    • Interest for international buyer: Internationalization of the software

    About the company:

    • Sector(s): Machines and equipments
    • Country(ies): Finland
    • Turnover: 4M€
    • Deal value: 3,5M€
    • Staff: 6 FTE
    • Interest for international buyer: 30 years of successful history in importing and exporting equipment and machinery for building, landscaping and transportation professionals.
  • Belgian high-value industry company looking for acquisition of industrial supply (innovative industry, engineering, 3D printing …)

    Targeted company:

    • Sector(s): Machinery & equipment production
    • Country(ies): Belgium, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg
    • Turnover: Up to 50M€
    • Deal value: 1-10M€
  • High-tech corporation with products focused on Medtech & industrial applications looking to acquire medical technology, precision motion, photonic & vision systems, and medical tubsets.

    Targeted company:

    • Sector(s): Human health, Med tech & pharmaceuticals
    • Country(ies): Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Eastern Europe
    • Turnover: 20M€
    • Deal value: 20M€

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Our Members talk about the Transeo Deal Club

Hartmut Schneider, Partner M&A Strategie

I think it was one of the best ideas during the last years to make this Transeo Deal Club and we also see a very good resonance from the side of the brokers.
There is a very good possibility to exchange profiles for cross-border deals.

Since the Transeo Deal Club, I am in deeper contact than before with many Transeo Members, especially brokers.

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