Transeo members

Code of conduct & Privacy policy


Transeo AISBL aims to encourage, sustain and promote collaboration and exchange of good practices and information in the field of SME transfer among professionals from Europe from the private, (semi-)public and academic sectors, in order to stimulate the business transfer market at both local and international level. The association represents and promotes the long-term interests of the SME transfer market in Europe. It also seeks to create an environment which is more favorable to SME transfer.

By doing so, Transeo aims to help you in your activities and projects. Therefore, Transeo expects you to behave in accordance with the objectives of the association and with the values shared within Transeo and expressed through its communication strategy.

Ethical behavior is essential to ensure the success of the association. The purpose of the following guidelines is to underline the importance of ethical standards in order to build an environment of trust within Transeo.

Conduct guidelines

  1. Trust, respect and integrity

Transeo members should behave with integrity, respect and trust, so as to promote cooperation and good relations between professionals in the European business transfer and buyout market, and within Transeo AISBL.

Integrity involves clarity, reliability and honesty.

  1. Conflicts of interest

Conflicts of interest occur when a person who has a duty to another one, also has a personal or professional interest that might interfere with the exercise of independent judgment. For instance, such a conflict might arise in case a member would use a piece of information obtained from the association so as to harm another member’s interests.

Conflicts of interest within or linked with the association should be identified and disclosed to all parties concerned.


  1. Confidentiality

In the ordinary course of business and in the ordinary course of activities within the association, members might obtain sensitive information from other members, from the Transeo staff/Board or from other market participants.

In an effort to safeguard the interests of disclosing parties, reasonable steps should be taken to protect information from inappropriate disclosure.

Sensitive information used in the ordinary course of activities within the association (working groups for example) and exclusively shared among members or disseminated by the Transeo staff/Board should be kept within the association and between members.

  1. Communication guidelines

Members play an important role in the promotion of the association. Yet, since a communication line and strategy have been commonly defined, members are expected, when promoting Transeo (organization of an event, use of Transeo logo on any communication tool, …), to coordinate with the Transeo staff and follow such a communication line, in order for the association to maintain a consistent image. However, members can use their “Transeo member” logo without previously informing the Transeo staff.