About Transeo


Transeo AISBL (international non-profit association) is the European association for SME transfer.
SME transfer refers to the sale or acquisition of small and medium-sized enterprises in a broad meaning (MBO, MBI, EBO, family succession, etc.). Transeo AISBL was founded in December 2010 by three organizations active in the transfer of SMEs: SOWACCESS (Wallonia, Belgium), CRA (France) and MKBase (The Netherlands).

For who?

Transeo connects the SME transfer experts from…

  • the private sector (M&A practices, matching platforms, lawyers, business auditors, accountants, chartered accountants, tax consultants, M&A consultants, intermediaries in business transfers, business transfer agencies, banks, private equity firms, …),
  • the public sector (chambers of commerce, economic development agencies, public financing organizations, public matching programmes, …),
  • the academic sector (research centres, business schools, …).

…who are active in the transfer (sale/acquisition) of small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe.



Transeo represents and promotes the long-term interests of the SME transfer market in Europe.

Transeo aims at encouraging the exchange of good practices between experts from the European countries, in order to make the European SME transfer market more professional & visible, to smooth the way for collaboration between private, public and academic stakeholders and to make the regulatory environment more transfer-friendly.

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