Transeo Member organizes a Forum on business transfer!

CEPOR, the Croatian Policy Centre for SMEs & Entrepreneurship, organizes the Family Business & Business Transfer Forum on 4th December in Zagreb!

CEPOR - Family Business & Business Transfer Forum in Zagreb
4th of December 2017


On 4th of December TRANSEO member CEPOR from Croatia is organizing the national Family Business & Business Transfer Forum in Zagreb. The objective of the Forum is to raise awareness on the importance of timely preparation of business transfer process and promote takeover entrepreneurship as a way of becoming small business owner.

The issue of business transfer is going to become more and more relevant in Croatia in the coming period. Business Transfer Barometer survey conducted in Croatia in 2015 determined that the share of enterprises whose owners are aged 55 or more years amounts to 31% of the total number of enterprises in Croatia. With regard to the awareness of the complexity of the business transfer process, it was identified that more than 5,300 enterprises with about 57,000 employees represent the risk group whose owners underestimate the complexity and length of duration of the business transfer process.
An important characteristic of enterprises in the hands of 55+ generation in Croatia is that majority of them were established in the 1990s (76%), and that their owners are also their founders in as much as 92% of cases, without personal experience of participation in the business transfer process. A significant proportion of owners who are thinking about the future of the enterprise plan the transfer to family members (children), and there is only a small proportion of those who are thinking about other options – sale of the enterprise, transfer of the management role to employees or external managers, and in that sense it is necessary to highlight the availability and the advantages and disadvantages of other business transfer models.

Guest speakers at Family Business & Business Transfer Forum will be Nicolas Pirotte from Sowaccess and Professor Lex van Teeffelen from University of Applied Sciences from Utrecht who will present the importance of financial and non-financial support for entrepreneurs in business transfer process. Guy de Backer, entrepreneur from Belgium will share his experience in buying small firms.