• Transeo is the first association in the SME transfer sector (sale/acquisition of SMEs).

  • Tran
    seo encourages and promotes the exchange of good practices between experts to stimulate the European SME transfer market. Transeo increases awareness of the business transfer issue at regional, national and European level and works on solutions and projects to improve business transfer at European scale.

    Transeo connects:
    - Private experts (M&A practices, matching platforms, lawyers, auditors, accountants, chartered accountants, tax consultants, M&A consultants, intermediaries in business transfers, business transfer agencies, banks, private equity firms, …)
  • - Public institutions (chambers of commerce, economic development agencies, public financing organizations, public matching programmes, …)
  • - Academic researchers (universities, business schools, research centres, …)

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Malta Business Transfer Conference : Transeo pleased with the positive conclusions from the Conference but time for action is now!

Today, Transeo founding Member SOWACCESS and Transeo Member Unizo/Overnamemarkt have signed a cooperation agreement to create more business transfer opportunities for Belgian entrepreneurs!

Interview of Mr Jean-Marie Catabelle, Board Member of Transeo and Honorary Chairman of CRA

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