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Transeo Academy – Employee Ownership

Insights on the employee ownership with Carl Pitchford

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Employee Ownership is a business model in which the employees of a business manage and own the very business they work for. Instead of traditional hierarchical structures, where ownership and decision-making are concentrated in the hands of the owner(s), employee ownership distributes ownership and influence among the employees.

Transferring ownership to the employees:

  • Helps to secure a more prosperous financial future for stakeholders (wealth redistribution);
  • Preserves SME legacy (maintain wealth and jobs locally);
  • Empowers employees to have more control of the company they work for and helped to build;
  • Offers a more cost-effective solution to traditional selling methods (potential owners already work there!);
  • Gives employees an opportunity for more involvement in decision making (workplace democracy);
  • Creates a more positive social, financial and economic impact (new ownership structures means long overdue changes/strategy);

With this first theoretical approach, you will have all the concepts in hand to participate in the practical case presented at the TRANSEO Summit next June!

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14 May 2024

, 11:00-12:30


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