Transeo 2023 Agenda

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  • 27 February 2023

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In 2023, Transeo will offer its international community of Members a range of member benefits and will organise many activities for them:

  • Transeo Deal Club – 8 meetings: monthly meetings, online and in-person to exchange deal opportunities. Currently, we have more than 130 sell-side profiles and 57 buy-side profiles.
  • Transeo Summits – 2 events: a Summer edition in Belgium (12-13 June) and a Winter edition in Malta (12-13 October), the place to be to listen to top speakers and to network with experts from all over the world. More information will follow.
  • Transeo Academy – 2 sessions: training sessions to provide our Members with new skills, capacities and insights, also working on real life case studies. The trainings will take place both online & in-person during our events.
  • Partnership – IBBA & M&A source: Get access to new international horizons with our North-American partnership. Both Transeo and IBBA / M&A Source offer their respective Members extra benefits and tools, and support the development of international deals.
  • Research & knowledge: Transeo continues to promote and highlight professional and academic research, and acts as a reference knowledge hub on transfers and acquisitions of SMEs.
  • Communication strategy: Transeo will keep on providing all year long fresh and exclusive content to its Members on social networks and in Transeo newsletters.
  • One-stop for Transeo Members: Transeo Members reach out to the Secretariat General any time they have a question, request, special wish for partnership or knowledge.
  • Growing the community: Transeo has developed a strategy of growth of the community to offer the best networking and business opportunities to its Members. The Transeo family is now there in 20 countries.

Looking forward to this new year together!


2023 AGENDA 



  • Transeo Deal Club (9/2, 11h-11h45 UTC+1)


  • Transeo Deal Club (14/3, 11h-11h45 UTC+1)


  • Transeo Deal Club (18/04, 11h-11h45 UTC+2)
  • Transeo Academy – impact of external factors on valuation (online)


  • Transeo/IBBA and M&A Source partnership – General information for Transeo Members (Online)
  • Transeo General Assembly (31 May 2023, online)


Transeo Summer Summit in Wallonia (12-13 June 2023)

Part 1: Exclusive content for Transeo Members – included in the membership

  • Transeo Deal Club/EEN local Transeo Deal Club
    Transeo Academy – business cases on valuation
    Exchange of good practices

Part 2: High-quality M&A conferences, networking and dinner –  registration fees with discount for Transeo Members (open to non-Members)

  • Keynote speakers on specific M&A topics
    Wrap up of the academic research on business transfer
    Informal networking dinner
    Networking times



  • Transeo Deal Club (19/09)
  • Transeo Academy – Family constitutions in family businesses (online)


Transeo Winter Summit in Malta (12-13 October 2023)

  • Transeo Deal Club/EEN local Transeo Deal Club
  • Transeo Academy – business cases
  • Exchange of good practices
  • Meeting of the Academic Committee
  • Informal networking & discovery of Malta

More information will follow


  • Transeo Deal Club (21/11)


  • Transeo Deal Club (19/12)

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