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  • 31 March 2022

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Our Chairman, Jean-Pierre Di Bartolomeo, wanted to share a special message for any expert, advisor, broker, institutional, banker, academic or policy who has an interest in transfers, acquisitions and buyouts of SMEs. Come and join us in Paris on 19-20 May 2022 to hear our top speakers on the topic of international build-ups!

“Hello, I am Jean-Pierre Di Bartolomeo, Chairman of Transeo, the international community of experts in transfers and acquisitions of SMEs.

A major event is under preparation. In Paris. With the support of Bpifrance. Save the date: On 19th and 20th of May. I repeat, 19th and 20th of May.
In the Bpifrance building. In the heart of Paris.

We will have our 6th edition of our Transeo Summit. A reference international event for any professional, expert, advisor, institutional, academic, or policymaker with an interest in transfers and acquisitions of small and medium-sized companies.

For this edition, we will have a special focus on “international build-ups”. We strongly believe that there is a huge growth potential for European SMEs, though the acquisition of another company. And not only in its own country. But also internationally.

From the strategy, to the post-acquisition integration, and passing by the financing, join us in Paris to hear our top speakers, and learn everything you should know about the untapped potential of international build-up.

I look forward to seeing you among the 150 participants. There are only 150 seats available. In Paris. On 19th and 20th of May.

Together, we make everlasting businesses.”

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