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  • 28 March 2022

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Hello Dan! It’s nice to have you right after our Transeo Deal Club meeting to have a feedback of what you think of the Deal Club as a Transeo Member.
First of all, can you introduce you to the people who will read us?

My name is Dan Crivat from Trade-X Business Transfer.
I started this compnany 5 years ago in Romania after living for 20 years in the United States, where I learnt what business transfer is, what selling and buying companies is.

At Trade-X, we train business brokers with courses from IBBA (International Business Brokers Association), and we are providing softwares to support them. 
We also have a lot of interactions with government and other entities in Romania. Lately, we have a collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce in Romania.


Why did you become a Member of Transeo?

I’ve been a Member of Transeo for 3 years, and I am very glad!
To be honest with you, I heard about Transeo in an online newspaper in Romania. And I started searching about Transeo on the internet and I realized this is the main association in Europe which is building a good network for people active in the field of transfers & acquisitions of SMEs.
A network I really needed. Because in these times where globalization is everywhere, you cannot act locally. You need support, especially in Europe, which is a big federeation with a lot of states with different interests. But in the end, you want the same thing. Even if you are different, you are the same.
On more time, thanks to Transeo, I met a lot of people, who are very professional and I am grateful to Transeo that I have this opportunity.


How is the Transeo Deal Club useful for Trade-X?

Network is important but also inside the newtrok, it’s important to exchange deals between profesionals inside the association.
For cross-border deals, this is normal to have a place where we can share.
I had a nice collaboration with somebody from Germany, somebody from Holland, looking for different deals in Romania.
And all of that was possible thanks to the Transeo Deal Club.


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