5 lessons from COVID-19

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  • 17 August 2020

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After these hard times, what should we learn from COVID-19 impact on transfers & acquisitions of SMEs?
Answers from worldwide experts.

COVID-19 stroke hard many business industries and the sector of transfers & acquisitions was no exception.

With many transfer procedures put on hold, delayed or simply cancelled, what should we learn from it?

Transeo gives you 5 key lessons learned from our international survey, gathering business transfer experts from all over Europe and beyond, with input from Canada, USA, China or Mexico for instance:

  1. Business resilience despite panic in the market
  2. Keep your international partners close while getting your house in order first
  3. Tips for entrepreneurs
  4. Weather the storm & shape the future with business transfer ecosystems
  5. Last wise words from our experts for a better tomorrow.

Discover the 5 key lessons learned here!

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