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  • 03 December 2019

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Transeo launches a new exclusive deal-making activity to foster growth of SMEs in Europe

Transeo, the EU association for SME Transfer, founded 10 years ago on the initiative of the SOWALFIN Group in Wallonia, has just launched a new initiative to stimulate cross-border transactions. This kick-off meeting gathered more than 30 professionals active in M&A, all Members of Transeo. More than 15 profiles of sell-side and buy-side opportunities have been presented by advisers from different countries (Germany, France, Belgium, Romania, Netherlands). The profiles presented covered different sectors, from MedTech to HVAC, automotive industry and fashion, …and ranged from 500 000 to 15 M€.

A representative of the IBBA (International Business Brokers Association) Board of Directors came from the US to attend Transeo’s meeting In Bucharest, and support this new Transeo Deal Club initiative.

Jean-Pierre Di Bartolomeo, Chairman of Transeo: “Thanks to this new initiative, Transeo wants to continue to drive the growth of European SMEs to make Europe a more competitive area.“. This new project is driven by Mr Martijn Westerlaken, Dutch Member of the Board of Transeo, who underlines the added value of this initiative: “This Transeo Deal Club has become a reality thanks to the trust between Transeo Members, and enables to break down the cultural and geographical barriers inherent to cross-border transactions.“.

This new Transeo Deal Club is part of the cross-border deal-making strategy of Transeo, the European Network of Experts in Transfer and Acquisitions of SMEs.

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