After these hard times, what should we learn from COVID-19 impact on transfers & acquisitions of SMEs?
Answers from worldwide experts.

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5 infographics highlighting the results of an international survey carried our by Transeo among its Members

Transeo adapted its way of working & is available during these difficult times

New Members from Romania, Slovakia, Sloviena & Belgium!

Monday 10 February, Amsterdam

Transeo launches a new exclusive deal-making activity to foster growth of SMEs in Europe

KBC Securities, Consulenza Direzionale di Paolo Zaramella, IHK-Projektgesellschaft & CTEQ join Transeo!

Check out the summer edition of the Transeo E-newsletter, looking back at the 2019 General Assembly in Barcelona!


On 12-14 June 2019, Transeo held its General Assembly and the 2nd meeting of the working groups "Ecosystems" and "Marketplaces" in Barcelona. This 3-day event was hosted by Transeo Board Member, Reempresa.

Transeo Board Members Hartmut Schneider and Albert Colomer i Espinet gave lecture on "Buyout Entrepreneurship and M&A: Key Drivers of Growth".

Transeo welcomes Transmission Lab & RWP!

Transeo will be speaker at the upcoming Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Bahrain!

We are glad to inform you that we have a new Member: ELAN!

The 12th Business Takeover Awards: ambition and diversity

Finnish Transeo Members active in the Business ownership-change seminar - Kajaani, Finland

Transeo organizes its first Transeo Member meeting in Brussels!

Key takeaways from Transeo Member “Unizo Top Seminar” – 28th November 2018 – Ostende/Belgium

Main discussions from European Family Businesses Summit

The Transeo Board of Directors approves 4 new members.

After EQUIS, HEC Liège is accredited AACSB !

M&A Strategie acquired a majority stake in a profitable technical infrastructure service provider for German motorways and highways.

Corporate insights behind the numbers: Mastering M&A

“SME Buyers’ Club” training program to be implemented for the first time in Croatia.

StudioCentroVeneto launched a pioneer project : "Professioni Domani"

Public organization from the Brussel region,, decided to work with Transeo !

Transeo is happy to welcome its new member from Malta : Family Business Office !

We are glad to announce you that we have our first member from Slovakia ! Welcome to Innovation Partneship Centre !

Last Thursday and Friday, Transeo Members met on the occasion of the Kick-off meeting of new working groups and the Closing Event of the Belgian Business Transfer Week

Transeo launches 2 new working groups for its Members!

A new Member in the network!

Reempresa, our Member and Board Member, from Catalonia, celebrates its success together with its local partners tonight!

Transeo has been interviewed to explain its activites for the Polish!

Retention Strategies in M&A Processes - An Exploratory Case Study on Turnover During Mergers and Acquisitions in the German Software Industry

2017 SOWACCESS reporting

We are happy to put the spotlight today on Overnamemarkt, one of our Members from Flanders - Belgium!

First European Marketplace for cross-border acquisitions of SMEs

Greek Conference "Simplifying the Business Environment in Greece : Digital services and tools for SMEs" 19th April 2018 in Athens, Greece

Transeo is delighted to welcome Jean-Marc Bogenmann from Top Management Support as new Member!

Keynote speaker Alberto Onetti at Transeo 2018 Summit!

Transeo is glad to welcome ESC Groupe Troyes as new academic member!

5th edition of the Transeo European SME Transfer Summit!

Transeo is delighted to welcome a new Member : Ventures4Growth!

Our Member Edwin Weesie from HU Business School has just presented its research on emotions in business transfers!

Transeo is delighted to welcome among its Members one of the biggest matching platforms in the Netherlands,!

Transeo Member CEPOR, the Croatian Policy Centre for SMEs & Entrepreneurship, organized the Family Business & Business Transfer Forum on 4th December in Zagreb

Transeo appeared in 2 issues of the Parliament Magazine!

Transeo at SMEAssembly 2017 in Tallinn

Business transfers in Europe discussed with CoR

A new way to help business transfer professionals exchange their profiles to carry out cross-border SME business transfers

Malta Business Transfer Conference : Transeo pleased with the positive conclusions from the Conference but time for action is now!

Today, Transeo founding Member SOWACCESS and Transeo Member Unizo/Overnamemarkt have signed a cooperation agreement to create more business transfer opportunities for Belgian entrepreneurs!

Interview of Mr Jean-Marie Catabelle, Board Member of Transeo and Honorary Chairman of CRA

Transeo is glad to welcome new Members in the network!

Final results of the EU4BT project available now!


The EU4BT project aims at identifying good practices and minimum quality standards in matching platforms for SME business transfers. This 18 months project was conducted by Transeo and 3 its Members (HU Business School Utrecht, Reempresa, Sowaccess) on behalf of the EU Commission. The final results are now available and are officially disclosed, together with the final report, on the occasion of a EU4BT European Press Conference in Brussels on Wednesday 15th June!

More info? Check out the EU4BT website :


As you probably know, Transeo and 3 of its Members are working on behalf on the EU Commission on the topic of matching platforms!

Interested by takeover of a company, as an adviser or a potential buyer? Then take a look at this interesting and high-quality conference organized by Vlerick Business School, one of our Members!

This week, nice article on what it takes to take over a company in difficulty

Transeo launches a new working group on the growth of SMEs in Europe by acquisition of an other company!

Transeo Member CCI Luxembourg has just launched a new brochure explaining business transfer...

Transeo, Reempresa, SOWACCESS, Confidentum as well as other Transeo Members such as the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce at the 2015 SME Assembly!

We did an interview with Transeo member Prymacc, Peter Rymenants.

As an certified accountant he doesn't only keep an eye on the numbers. Peter is not only an accountant, but also an entrepreneur.


Call for papers by Transeo Member Céline Barrédy

The law firm Legaltree has joined Transeo!

Discover fresh news from Transeo and its Members!

The Belgian magazine Media Planet has just published a special issue about business transfer...

On 21 and 22 May, Transeo held its annual General Assembly in Liège, Belgium!

Transeo is proud to welcome one new Member from France!

Transeo organizes its annual General Assembly in Liège, Belgium, on negociation!

Transeo Member Vlerick Business School issues its 2015 Entrepreneurial Buyout Monitor!

Interested by the financing of SMEs in Belgium, then discover this new interesting study on the financing of SMEs in Belgium!

Interested by takeover of a company, as an adviser or a potential buyer? Then take a look at this interesting and high-quality conference organized by Vlerick Business School, one of our Members!

Transeo is glad to welcome 3 new Members!

Transeo is delighted to welcome 3 new Members : CEROS, Enterprise Lithuania and Elegis!

Transeo Member Zakaria Fahim from BDO Maroc co-organizes the 5th Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Marrakech on 19-21 November 2014!

Céline Barredy, Transeo Member, invites you to an International workshop on Private Equity!

The law firm Matray, Matray & Hallet has joined Transeo!

The Belgian press has just issued a special edition about business transfer... Check out the interesting articles!

Peter Jaskiewicz from Concordia University explains his research in the Academic Minute!

Welcome to CEPOR, our new Transeo Member from Croatia!

The report of the European SME Transfer Summit is now available!

On 17th June 2014, Transeo and its Members took part in the EU Commission conference on business transfer...

Transeo Member CRA appointed to work on business transfer by the French Government!

On 25-26 March, Transeo organized the 2014 "European SME Transfer Summit" in Brussels...

Transeo organizes the European SME Transfer Summit in Brussels, Belgium!

Transeo represented its Members at the 2013 edition of the SME Assembly organized in Vilnius, Lithuania

Transeo is proud to welcome KPMG Fiduciaire (Belgium) as new Transeo Member!

From 21st to 25th October 2013, the Agentschap Ondernemen, Transeo Member, organizes the Business Transfer Week!

Transeo Member CCI Luxembourg organizes a Conference about Governance

Transeo welcomes one new academic member, the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics!

Who will be awarded the 2013-2014 Transeo Academic Awards?

Transeo Member "Ernst&Young" invites you to its event "L'Entreprise de l'année 2013" in Brussels!

In the Flemish special issue of Trends-Tendances dedicated at Mergers&Acquisitions, Transeo and the Belgian Venture Capital Association are interviewed about business transfer...

Transeo was interviewed on the occasion of a special report about business transfer!

This new Transeo E-newsletter highlights the situation of business transfers in Morocco...

Check out the article about the 2013 General Assembly in the Transeo press room!

Welcome to FIF Institute (Germany) and Prymacc (Belgium) as new Transeo Members!

Check out here a new video about SOWACCESS, the Walloon agency for SME Transfer!

Transeo Member HEC-ULg organizes the 11th Corporate Finance Day on 19th September in Liège, Belgium

Transeo invites you to attend a Conference organized by Transeo Member IAE Bordeaux on LBO as financing tool for family business transfers and growth!

Transfer to employees is one of the possibilities to ensure the continuity of the company. Transeo invites you to attend this Conference organized by CECOP, the European Confederation of Cooperatives and Workers-Owned Enterprises active in Industry and Services...

Check out this TV 2-minute report about the 29th April closing meeting at the Elysée of the "Assises de l'Entrepreneuriat"

On 22 May 2013, from 9h30 to 18h, Transeo aisbl holds its annual General Assembly for its Members and a selection of potential Members on personal invitation only!

The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce has just joined the association!

The Centre de Reempresa de Catalunya has just joined Transeo aisbl as the first Spanish Transeo Member!

Transeo appointed as Associate Member in Enterprise Europe Network & Transeo appointed as EU expert in the new EC expert group!

CeFEO , Centre for Family Enterprise and Ownership (Jönköping International Business School - Sweden) and BDO Corporate Finance (Belgium) have just joined Transeo aisbl!

Transeo Member Propage-S organizes a Colloquium on 7 March on transfer to employees...

New academic Transeo Member!

Transeo in new EC expert group and new EC plan on entrepreneurship, including business transfers...

Transeo Member Vlerick Business School has launched the Platform for Entrepreneurial Buyouts (PEBO) and is organizing the "Buy Your Own Company Conference" on 21st February 2013 in Belgium...

The European Commission has just issued a new guide « Facilitating Transfer of Business – How To Support SME Policy from Structural Funds » - Transeo and some of its Members are mentionned in it!

On 6th December, Transeo will take part in an event organized by the European Economic and Social Committee on Entrepreneurship...

On 24th and 25th May, Transeo AISBL organized the 2nd edition of Transeo Conference in Spa, Belgium... The report is available now!

Upon invitation of the European Commission, Transeo is taking part in the SME Assembly organized by the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the European Union...

Transeo launches two contests, the Transeo Academic Awards and the Transeo Students Awards in order to collect and reward the best research papers concerning SME transfer among universities and research centers throughout Europe.

Transeo took part in the entrepreneurship fair "Ondernemen in Vlaanderen" on 25th October in Gent

Transeo was consulted by the French journal on the issue of capital gains tax in France regarding SME transfers...

Yesterday, the CRA organized a conference about the evolution in the finance law for capital gains tax in the framework of transfers...

Transeo Member Sakari Oikarinen (Confidentum Ltd) awarded best business transfer advisor in Finland!

Vlerick Business School has just joined Transeo association !

Transeo answered EC consultation on the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan in order to underline priorities in business transfers in Europe

Transeo Chairman as speaker during EFB event on 15 May about family business transfers...

Transeo member Pr. Lex van Teeffelen from University of Utrecht, has presented an oration which gives an presents an overview of recent knowledge, research and national and international policies in the field of business transfers.