Academic Research and articles dedicated to SME transfer

  • "Avenues to improve success in SME business transfers: reflections on theories, research and policies" by Pr. Lex van Teeffelen, HU Utrecht Business School, Research Centre for Innovation and Business, presented on 13 April 2012

    This booklet presents an overview of recent knowledge, research and national and international policies in the field of business transfers. Chapter 1 delineates the domain and the theories, and formulates the research agenda. Chapter 2 deals with the importance of business transfers for national economies in Europe and provides a framework for policies regarding business transfers. Chapter 3 looks at the profiles of acquirers and successors in comparison to starters, and the effects of their profiles on business results. Chapter 4 sets out issues requiring attention in the field of practice. This includes the use of the succession scan, an instrument that helps entrepreneurs determine their position in the run-up to selling the firm.Full paper

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