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      Date: May 20, 2014
     Title: Official launch in France of « Assises de l’entrepreneuriat 2014 »
Transeo Member CRA appointed to work on business transfer by the French Government!

The French Government has decided to launch the 2014 version of the « Assises de l’Entrepreneuriat », in order to build action programs aimed at motivate students and young professionals towards the world of enterprises.

3 working groups have been missioned to propose a dozen of improvement measures to the government.

One of these groups, co-chaired by Jean-Marie CATABELLE, Member of the board of TRANSEO, has the task of proposing measures in the field of transmission and take over of SME’s by young entrepreneurs ( for example less than 40 years).

See the video of the 2013 Assises de l'Entrepreneuriat, where Jean-Marie Catabelle was interviewed by the French television.