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      Date: Jul  4, 2018
     Title: Interview - SOWACCESS
2017 SOWACCESS reporting

Overview of the business transfer activity
in 2017 in Wallonia


Nicolas Pirotte, you are Manager of SOWACCESS, in charge of supporting transfers and acquisitions of SMEs in Wallonia. The missions of SOWACCESS are to raise awareness among business owners about business transfer, to match sellers and buyers and to connect them with the best professionals to support them in the transfer/acquisition process.

You collaborate with the private sector, by granting a recognized quality label to business transfer professionals active in Wallonia and who are recognized by an independent Ethics Committee.

You have launched a business transfer barometer, based on the information gathered among such professionals, making it possible to have a good overview of the business transfer activity in Wallonia.

What are the key learnings for 2017?

Nicolas Pirotte: "Indeed, this 'reporting' makes it possible to have an overview of the business transfer activity in Wallonia, and to see the role played by SOWACCESS to facilitate deals. Here are the key findings: