Event on 7 March in Belgium on business transfer to employees

Transeo Member Propage-S organizes a Colloquium on 7 March on transfer to employees...

Transeo Member Propage-S is delighted to invite you to take part in its Colloquium on transfer to employees.

Indeed, by 2020, an estimated one third of Walloon SMEs will face a transfer problem. Faced with the economic crisis and globalization, this phenomenon is of major importance and becomes a social issue of the first order. One solution to this problem may lie in the development of support programmes and tools that allow the transfer of businesses in the form of cooperatives.

Propage-s, CEPAG the Walloon FGTB, SOWACCESS and CECOP invite you to a day of reflection on this subject,  which will be held on 7 March, 2013, at "Point Centre" in Gosselies (Charleroi – Belgium).

For more information, please check the invitation here or contact directly Dimitri Coutiez at Propage-S (Dimitri.Coutiez@propage-s.be).