Best business transfer advisor in Finland!

Transeo Member Sakari Oikarinen (Confidentum Ltd) awarded best business transfer advisor in Finland!

The 3rd National Business Transfer Conference for Business Transfer professionals took place in Helsinki on the 4th October. The conference's main theme was "Business transfers and Finland's competitiveness". At the conference nearly 200 partcipants concentrated on networking and eagerly debated of private and public sector cooperation on awareness-raising. Also more technical issues were on the table. According to feedback the professionals were once again very pleased with the conference and encourage the organizers to develop the conference even further. One of the ideas is that perhaps Transeo Association and its members would like to join the conference next year. The conference was organized under the wings of the Ministry of the employment and economy by several bodies representing both private and public sector.

At the conference the participants also gave their vote for the "Best Business Transfer Professional in Finland". By the vast majority of votes Confidentum/ Sakari Oikarinen was awarded.