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The Colipain Group specializes in M&A (diagnosis, transfer and acquisition), Corporate Finance and in Mediation between partners. It is mainly active in the field of Mid Cap Market companies with a national and international dimension, family and private companies. The main objective of the Colipain Group business firm is to ensure the success, growth and sustainability of the companies that trust it.


Nord France invest is the investment promotion agency for Hauts-de-France. Its objective is to facilitate connections between its territory and foreign companies considering a project in France. It operates on the sell-side together with local M&A firms to extend the search of potential buyers on a wider international level for companies from all business and industry sectors with a job impact in the Region.


Spark Avocats is a French law firm specialized in assisting SMEs throught all sort of turning point : sales, acquisitions, JVs, fundraising, employee shareholding, while always priorising the human dimension.


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The Swiss M&A Experts Chamber aims to promote in Switzerland professional training activities for individuals with qualifications in M&A realm and operating on the Swiss M&A market, in particular the holders of the Certificate of Advanced Studies HES-SO in Mergers, Acquisitions and Business Transfers (CAS in M&,A).

Synercom France is a French business transfer advisory firm active in sell-side & buy-side mandates. It gives advice to sellers with valuation between 500K & 20M€ & help them finding nation or international counterparts. On the other hand, it helps buyers in the whole process of acquisition, whether it is a SME looking for external growth, or an individual buyer.