Results international COVID-19 survey

5 infographics highlighting the results of an international survey carried our by Transeo among its Members

It is a sure thing: COVID-19 will have a strong impact on transfers & acqusitions of SMEs. 
Maybe even more on international transactions.

That is why Transeo carried out an international survey among its Members to have more information and insights about the impact of COVID-19 on the international transactions of SMEs.

28 international Members, representing 10 countries answered the survey. We asked their opinion about 5 main topics regarding transfers & acquisitions of SMEs:

  • Impact on cross-border transactions
  • Impact on business valuation
  • Impact on legal aspects of a transaction
  • Challenges for buyers
  • Challenges for sellers

We have decided to present you the results under the form of 5 infographics - each one lighting 1 topic's main results up.

to download the infographics!