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Employers & Craftsmen Association (ECA) Cluj supports small and medium entreprises in their development & creation with private capital and independent entrepreneurs (craftsmen, freelancers). They also promote and protect the economic, commercial, financial & social rights or any other nature interests of small & medium private enterprises or independent entrepreneurs.

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The Faculty of Business Administration of the University of Bratislava is well experienced in European projects about business transfer.
Currently, they are Lead partner of the of the Interref Central Europe project, ENTER-transfer, focusing on business succession of SMEs.

BorzaPosla is a national Slovenian business transfer marketplace that connects buyers & sellers. BorzaPosla also provides their client with professional advice, either on sell-side than on buy-side.
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UPIC is the Professional Union of Business Brokers, active in Wallonia & Brussels. Currently, they gather 13 firms active primarly in business transfer.

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