UNIZO Top Seminar

Key takeaways from Transeo Member “Unizo Top Seminar” – 28th November 2018 – Ostende/Belgium

Transeo had the opportunity to attend the Unizo Top Seminar, a unique event where Belgian CEOs came to share their tips & tricks on several trends and important topics such as strategy, communication, growth and many other hot topics. You will find below a short outlook of the key takeaways:

-          STRATEGY :

o   Part of your strategy to develop your SME should consider which kind of emotion you want to arouse among your team and clients.

o   Another tip is to keep your strategy short & simple.

o   SMEs should focus on the priority work that does matter (the so-called "45 degrees that matter").

-          COMMUNICATION :

o   SMEs should now communicate directly to people but also to machines, through Google & SEO, this is a huge change in the way we communicate today and in the future.

o   We have to position ourselves at a « meta-level » not to be replaced by robots in the future.

o   Thinking in « systems » is the new creativity.

-          MANAGEMENT :

o   There are new technologies available not only to big companies, but also for SMEs who should not be afraid of them. They represent huge opportunities for SMEs to become more efficient and offer their clients better and simpler services.

o   Key tips & tricks for an efficient leadership: transform threats into opportunities, be transparent & friendly with your team, work with talented & innovative people in and outside the company, create links between different departments, make sure to have the right partners on board, have the top leadership committed, stay optimistic !

-          HR/RECRUITMENT :

o   In the next 20 years, recruitment of talents will be increasingly important, with among others babyboomers going out of the market for retirement. Therefore, it is essential for SMEs to implement a relevant recruitment strategy.

o   Among the tips & tricks, let's mention the need for your recruitment strategy to be creative and very simple and the need to be careful about the company image because candidates not hired in the end are also potential clients after all.

-          GROWTH :

o   Any SME has the opportunity to grow but the growth will face growth pitfalls and be split in different growth phases. To go beyond each phase, the SME should seek support (for example, trainings, advising by experts, ...). Not all SMEs should grow of course but it is sometimes unavoidable if you are in a competitive sector.

-          RETAIL :

o   With the growing importance of e-commerce, retailers should make sure to bring added value to the client offline, in shops. They should not want to fight with digital giants such as amazon or zalando, which have 2000 people working on technology. You can't win all the time...