Mastering M&A with Intraco consulting

Corporate insights behind the numbers: Mastering M&A
Growth through acquisitions is a strategic opportunity chosen by business owners to increase their revenue and profitability based on strategic potential of the deal. For SMEs and non-quoted companies, the challenge to be overcome are numerous.
This is a long process that requires a lot of preparation because nothing must be left to chance to ensure the success of such an approach. Here are our top assets to succeed in M&A deals.

First, the trust and confidentiality are keys. The seller must communicate certain information (financial, fiscal, legal, commercial, operational, etc.) on his company and his activity. For fear of non-real intention from the buyer to enter his capital, the seller will seek to restrain communication. To limit this behaviour as much as possible, the M&A advisor must gain the trust of his client, reassure him and guide him as an expert throughout the entire process. The advisor will also be attentive in the drafting of pre-contractual and final agreements, to ensure to provide its client with complete protection regarding confidentiality and future financial outcomes. 

Second, the right understanding of the client needs and the seek of working together in a win-win process are part of our top success assets. The M&A advisor will make sure that he has a good understanding of the strategic stakes, the underlying trends, the knowledge of the players in the company based-country or internationally, and thus a good understanding of the clients' needs. The importance of a high collaborative relation between the M&A advisor and his client will lead to effective communication, a common strategic vision and a better chance to reach individual goals expected.
Finally, multi-skilled collaborators and sectorial expertise are decisive elements in the process of overcoming the problems the shareholder will face. Beyond the target's financial performance, there are many areas to consider in an M&A project to assess risk, confirm the buyer's integration strategy and validate the transaction price from competitive, tax, social or legal aspects. The client must therefore be guided and advised with the best practices during the whole procedure, from the preparation of the file to the signing of the final transfer agreements.

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