SME Buyers' Club in Croatia

“SME Buyers’ Club” training program to be implemented for the first time in Croatia.
In October 2018, Croatian TRANSEO Member CEPOR will be implementing “The SME Buyers’ Club” training program for the first time in Croatia. The program is targeting SME owners planning to grow their business through acquisition. With this program CEPOR is filling a gap in educational programs for entrepreneurs, since the majority of training available in Croatia is aimed at supporting start-ups. It is highly important to promote the idea of firm acquisition in Croatia and in other transition economies, because of a huge number of SME owners who have founded their companies in 1990s and are facing retirement age in the next couple of years. At the same time, Croatian business transfer ecosystem is underdeveloped and characterized by a lack of support for SMEs in this process. Croatian Buyers’ Club is inspired by the best practices of other TRANSEO members that have similar educational programs: Sowaccess, Reempresa and Hogeschool Utrecht, whose support was essential for the implementation of the Buyers’ Club educational program in Croatia. The implementation of Croatian Buyers’ Club is carried out with the financial support of EFSE – European Fund for Southeast Europe Entrepreneurship Academy.