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We are happy to put the spotlight today on Overnamemarkt, one of our Members from Flanders - Belgium!

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The transfer of his  company is one of the most important moments in an entrepreneur's life.

UNIZO, Overnamemarkt  and its partners want to facilitate this process through professional advice for transfer of small business (limited company or sole proprietorship). The experiences of UNIZO and Overnamemarkt show that especially the smaller companies - with a transaction value below € 500,000,- - do not easily find a suitable expert to support them with their business transfer.

UNIZO, Overnamemarkt and their partners  offer a solution for this.

Many questions are the same for a larger or smaller transaction:

  • As an entrepreneur, you have dedicated yourself for years to the development of your company. Now you are considering a business transfer. Are you ready to hand over your company?
  • Do your co-owners agree?
  • Your children, other family members, co-partners or one of your employees are suitable to take over your company?
  • Do you think that a supplier, customer, competitor or other known business relationship could have  a strong (strategic)  interest in your company?
  • Or do you want to transfer your company in any case to a third  party?

What does Overnamemarkt and its partners offer to the entrepreneur who wants to transfer his business ?

We advise from the start of the business transfer to the matching with a suitable candidate buyer.
Based on independent and professional advice, the entrepreneur will take the correct and sound decisions for his business transfer.
We start with an “intake” meeting. During this intake meeting, the entrepreneur will be able to explain his  expectations and needs with regard to the  projected business transfer.

Together with the expert, the following considerations will be  made:
  • Is the  business (in its current form) transferable; (not a too complex structure; not all knowledge in one hand; sound profitability and repayment capacity; no liquidity stress;…)
  • Are the  expectations  realistic and feasible for a potential buyer?

After  a positive evaluation, the Advice  process will  start -  in 3 steps :

  1. Step 1. Is the business ready for the transfer? We assist the entrepreneur s in completing the takeover scan®, a questionnaire (70 questions) that helps  to make a self-analysis to what extent the business  is ready for the business transfer. The takeover scan® offers the entrepreneur  more insight in the form of a scoreboard with possible points of improvement in various domains.
  2. Step 2.What is the transaction  value of the  business ?Based on  the annual accounts (company) or tax documents (sole proprietorship) and the future prospects of the company and its sector, the experts make a valuation according to various methods. For the calculation of this  valuation, the expertise of KBC bank and the UNIZO valuation tool is used, which was developed in collaboration with Antwerp Management School.
  3. Step 3. Looking for a suitable buyer : Based upon multiple contacts with the entrepreneur the (blind) company profile and the information memo  following documentation will be prepared   by the experts:
    1. The blind profile is drawn up from a perspective of the  potential buyers. It is a convincing description of the business  to be transferred, together with the relevant key figures, an appealing picture and an inspiring title. In order to maximize the chances to reach a suitable buyer, the blind profile will be distributed via:the UNIZO network;  the online matching platform; the KBC bank network, the network of the entrepreneur (also via social media)
    2. The information memo that can be provided by the entrepreneur  to the prospective acquirers after screening and signing a confidentiality declaration, includes the following :
  • Basic information about the company
  • Extensive figures in support of the valuation
  • Required certificates for the business transfer
  • Specific characteristics of the company to be transferred

For more information :
Guido Seghers
Manager NV Overnamemarkt
Tel: + 32 2 212 25 82
GSM: + 32 2 495 59 81 19