New Transeo Member!

Transeo is delighted to welcome Jean-Marc Bogenmann from Top Management Support as new Member!


Top Management Support has a proven experience (more than 13 assignments closed) both for vendors and purchasers in the comprehensive scope of business transfers, including business analysis and low hanging fruits unearthing, communication around the Unique Selling Proposition of the business to dispose, proactive international search of buyers with the best potential synergies, valuation, transfer negotiations, deal structuring, actual search of financing, and integration services in the post-transfer period.

These skills crystallised in accreditations with KMOPortefeuille in Flanders, the Hub Transmission Beci in Brussels (as Founder and Board Member of PERITUS) and Sowaccess in Wallonia.

Based on our experience, we programmed and traded, a software dedicated to budgeting and business valuation in the SME segment. Another characteristic is that Top Management Support leads a pool of 13 independent consultants in Romania (, available to serve Western Europe companies willing to participate in deals with Romanian companies.