Welcome to our new Member Bedrijventekoop!

Transeo is delighted to welcome among its Members one of the biggest matching platforms in the Netherlands, Bedrijventekoop.nl!


Welcome to our new Member, Bedrijventekoop.nl!


Transeo is glad to welcome Berrie and Monique from Bedrijventekoop.nl in the Transeo network!

This Dutch matching platform is active since 2002 in the Netherlands but also in several countries in Europe, doing matching between sellers and buyers of SMEs. They took part in the recent EU4BT project carried out by Transeo on behalf of the European Commission to develop minimum quality standards for business transfer matching platforms in Europe and signed the EU4BT Code of Conduct, together with 18 other matching platforms in Europe.

So welcome Bedrijventekoop.nl, glad to have you with us as Transeo Member!