SOWACCESS and UNIZO/Overnamemarkt sign cooperation agreement

Today, Transeo founding Member SOWACCESS and Transeo Member Unizo/Overnamemarkt have signed a cooperation agreement to create more business transfer opportunities for Belgian entrepreneurs!

Wallonia & Flanders join forces to create new opportunities for business transfers in Belgium!

SOWACCESS (Société wallonne d'Acquisitions et de Cessions d'Entreprises) and UNIZO/Overnamemarkt have signed today a cooperation agreement to exchange good practices and to connect the Walloon business transfer matching platforms of SOWACCESS ("plateforme PME" and, with the new Flemish Overnamemarkt platform, supported by UNIZO.


It's interesting to note that both platforms have signed the EU4BT Code of conduct providing the minimum quality standards for business transfer matching platforms in Europe.