Family Business Office Malta

The Family Business Office is to primarily assist, support and provide assistance to all family businesses in matters intrinsic to family businesses most aspecially the delicate aspect of business transfers and succession planning.

Our work involves working directly and hands on with family businesses, representing family businesses, promoting and working towards new policies and incentives. The work also involves registering family businesses so that they may benefit from the numerous incentives and schemes available to family businesses to ensure they are able to sustain the business and carry out a successful business transfer. The schemes we provide to family businesses fall into three categories of fiscal incentives, governance inventives and tax credits. Our aim is to provide a platform for family businesses to come togeteher and provide a comprehensive service to family businesses to ensure their sustainability, longevity and continuity.

Our role also involves collaborating with social partners and government organisations to represent the sector and promote and lobby for policy changes and improvements.

Contact person:

Nadine LIA, Regulator


Mimcol, Clock Tower, Level 1, Tigne Point

Tel: +356 2220 9524
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