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Prešov region, as the founder of IPC is is well experienced with projects on a European/international level - Within the area of the structural funds (National Strategic Reference Framework for 2007-2013), PSK was involved in the Regional Operational Programme (ROP) as an Intermediary Body under Managing Authority (SORO) represented by the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development. The subjects of the grant schemes implemented by SORO and ROP have included the development of regional and local roads, reconstruction of central urban and rural zones, and revitalisation of municipalities’ public premises. is also involved in cross-border EU programmes: - Cross Border Cooperation Programme Poland - Slovakia 2007 – 2013, in which, through the umbrella project, PSK with partners from other regions of Slovakia and Poland implemented Priority Axis III, the Supporting Local Initiatives (micro-projects) in the fields of communication and transport infrastructure, environmental infrastructure, tourism, protection of cultural and natural heritage, and supporting local initiatives. - ENPI HU-SK-RO-UA 2007-2013, IPC – Financial mechanism of EEC and Norway grants.

The Innovation Partnership Center is also a partner of the ENTER-transfer project, where the leading partner is the University of Economics in Bratislava. The three-year ENTER-transfer project with a total budget of € 2 million is funded by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Program of European Territorial Cooperation, which provides more than € 1.7 million and co-financed from national sources. The main theme of the ENTER-transfer project is the succession of companies, which is becoming one of the most important problems in Central Europe, as this issue has significant economic and social impacts. Through training and practical tools and practices, the project aims to contribute to strengthening the capacities of public sector entities in supporting succession as well as developing competencies for young entrepreneurs, family business owners and their offspring to successfully implement this transformation process. Another of the planned outcomes of the project is the creation of an online portal linking company looking for successors and young companies with the ambition to take over the leadership of another company. With developed strategies that take into account the specificities of the participating countries, public sector bodies will be able to create the right conditions for company succession at local and regional level.

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