Intraco Consulting

Intraco Consulting is a company specialized in strategic consulting and the implementation of efficient solutions for its clients, from various industries, services or organisations.

Thanks to our consultants and our network of specialists, we have developed cutting-edge expertise in a wide range of corporate services, developing a "one-stop shop" offer to our clients, from valuation to the conclusion of the final sale and purchase agreements but also for various deal services (financial, fiscal, ...).

In our day-to-day work, we accompany our clients from A to Z in their process of external transfer of a company, internal transfer or acquisition of a company. Our mission in business transfer will be to assist the seller/buyer in the preparation through strategic decision, to realize the valuation of the company, to elaborate a complete file of presentation of the company, to identify the targets and to present the file but also to participate in the negotiations.

Our company relies on successful methodologies, with a pragmatic approach to M&A project management, to suit your requirements. We consider ourselves as an integral and independent partner, basing our professional relations on seeking results and a hands-on involvement with your organisation.

The success of our company is achieved by a multi-disciplinary team with significant relevant experience.!

Intraco Consulting is a Member of SOWACCESS, UPIC and Transeo.

Contact person:

Raphaël Cabolet, CEO

Intraco Consulting

5, Om Knupp
L-9991 Weiswampach

Tel: +352 (26) 90 81 32
Mobile: +32 495 299 449