About us

TradeX is the professional consulting solution for those who want to sell or buy a business.

What Does TradeX Do?

Partner of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, TradeX implements a unique concept in Romania: an Escrow agency to represent the interests of sellers and buyers in the transaction of selling a business.

In a real estate transaction, in Romania, we have public notaries playing the role of intermediary between the two parties. Although a business transfer is much, much more complicated, at this time there is no service in Romania to mediate this transaction.

Our Services

TradeX is an Escrow agency that deals with sale/purchase transactions for small and medium-sized business. It serves as a neutral holder of funds and documents, represents the communication link between the parties involved in the transaction, and facilitates the closing of the transaction by transferring the business from seller to buyer. The escrow agent prepares the transaction documents and closure statements, and deals with the necessary administrative details. Business escrow services protect both buyer’s and seller's interests in accordance with the contract.


Our philosophy is simple. We are convinced that the business environment in Romania now includes a growing number of talented entrepreneurs. And these entrepreneurs must be helped to develop further, grow other companies, and transfer their know-how. TradeX is a manifestation of this approach. We help successful entrepreneurs to sell/transfer their business and/or find new business challenges.

We take business transfer consultancy to another level. A business transfer is not just a sale-purchase action. It involves an evaluation process, in-depth knowledge of the parties involved, quantitative and qualitative risk assessment, law enforcement, and fair taxing in this less-known field.

TradeX provides support in all these stages. Specialized TradeX business brokers can represent both sellers and buyers. Everything with exigency, transparency, and professionalism.

Our Team

The TradeX business brokers team, with business experience and passion for what they do, is the key to our services. They have multidisciplinary knowledge in the legal, financial, accounting, and entrepreneurial fields so that they can complete any transaction.

Our team is supported by TradeX specialists. The partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brasov facilitated our collaboration with experts from different fields and industries: lawyers, accountants, evaluators, real estate consultants, IT, bankers, etc.

TradeX's Lead Business Broker, Mr. Dan Crivat, who has over 25 years of experience in business, has been in direct contact with selling/buying businesses in the USA during the 20 years he lived there.

Contact person:

Dan Crivat, Escrow Officer

TradeX Business Transfer

CCI Brasov, Str. Mihail Kogalniceanu, Nr.18-20
Brasov  500173

Tel: 00 40 736 /091 767