OWNomics.com AS

OWNomics is a digital business transfer centre located in Oslo, Norway. We take the view that business transfer is about future potential in the digital economy. Our clients face 2 key problems in today's market:
- Problem 1: business growth in the digital economy
- Problem 2: the transfer of businesses 

Our solution to these problems are mainly to educate businessowner with respect to digitalization, selling or buying business, next gen takeover, valuation of businesses, how to increase company values etc. Our key competences are businessgrowth by means of digitalization and peer to peer transfer of businesses. 

We are running the following websites:
www.ownomics.com - Business valuations, growthprograms and peer to peer transfers
www.eierskiftealliansen.no - various business transfer awareness efforts
www.gess.no - marketplace for buying and selling businesses

Contact people:

GEIR SAMDAL - Marketing Director
Phone: +47 9173 10 89

KARI BAERVAHR - Managing Partner & CEO
Phone: +47 9825 06 62

Tennisveien 3 d
0777 Oslo