Studio Legale Rinaldi e Associati

Studio Legale Rinaldi e Associati

The law firm Studio Legale Rinaldi e Associati was established in 1995.The majority of the founding partners had, at the time of its foundation,already been working together for many years as members of one of the ten leading Italian law firms dedicated to international business law.
Since the beginning of its activity, Rinaldi e Associati has attracted other professionals who had developed previous experience in other leading international firms or had covered prominent positions in major Italian companies as members of their internal legal departments.
Rinaldi e Associati has maintained its distinctive features which consist mainly of providing legal advice and assistance to multinational corporations with interests or business in Italy, mainly of Anglo-Saxon origin, in a broad range of areas within the domain of business law.
In 1999, Rinaldi e Associati opened a new office in Rome, in order to follow clients in the center and south of Italy more closely and to maintain a closer relationship with the Italian Ministries and the national Public Agencies and Authorities.
Rinaldi e Associati has naturally coped with the latest tendencies in the international business community, known as “globalization”, focusing on assistance to foreign investors in setting up and running their business ventures in Italy, and providing, in addition to legal advice, the necessary cultural bridge so as to achieve a harmonization between Italian business culture and international practice.
Frequently, members of the firm are also invited to cover positions as non-executive members of the board of directors of the local subsidiaries of foreign companies.
In addition to this traditional role, Rinaldi e Associati has been recently requested to give legal advice to Italian companies in connection with national and cross-border transactions, such as the establishment of foreign companies, and the execution of joint ventures or consortium agreements, as well as the negotiation and execution of several kinds of contracts.

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