Cédants et Repreneurs d'Affaires (CRA)

CRA (in French “Cédants et Repreneurs d’Affaires") is the French national association for the transfer of SMEs.

Founded in 1985, CRA’s main goal is to promote the transfer of small and middle size companies, and ensure their development through mergers or partnerships. CRA facilitates contacts between company owners, company buyers and experts on regional, national and European levels. CRA has been involved in seeling more than 11000 SME's in all over France and all types of activities.

CRA helps :

  • Small and middle size companies (SA and SARL only) seeking buyers or partners
  • Company development through external growth
  • Purchasers focusing on seeking small and middle size companies for a complete take-over of the business or for partnerships purposes.


  • Facilitating personal contacts among members: owners of business for sale, purchasers and experts
  • Diffusing a monthly bulletin to each member, listing exclusively new acquisition offers
  • Making available up to date information on all acquisitions via Internet.
  • Taking part in monthly information and debating conferences in and around Paris
  • Organizing and leading working groups for purchasers, before and/or after company acquisition.
  • Initiating training courses for potential purchasers through "CRA FORMATION", with the assistance of specialized experts
  • Providing assistance to business owners in drawing up their succession plans.


Confidentiality: all necessary precautions are taken to avoid identification of the business acquisitions. Before any information can be disclosed, contacts between the company purchaser and the company seller are screened via a strictly adhered-to procedure

Good Established Reputation - Efficiency and Competence: borne out by concrete results

Network: headquarters in Paris along with 70 regional delegations (*) covering the whole French territory, one office in Geneva and two correspondents in Belgium and Holland. CRA has a very close relationship with:

  • The national institutions ACFCI, MEDEF, CGPME, OSEO and their representatives involved in company sales and acquisitions
  • Experts specialized in various domains : financial, legal, fiscal, social, management and administrative
  • Large-scale corporations, groups and financial establishments, members of CRA.
  • Active support is provided from Alumni Associations of the major Management and Engineer schools and universities.


CRA, a nonprofit association, (1901 law) proposes activities led by 190 former chief executive officers for the benefit of companies interested in their professional skills.
CRA is a trustworthy partner and assists members in all aspects relative to succession planning, company sales and acquisitions. However, CRA does not participate in its members’ business negotiations and does not receive any fees upon the conclusion of business contracts. A personal meeting takes place before membership, and providing the CRA staff has a favorable opinion, an annual moderate subscription is paid for by the new member.


  • Memberships: more than 23 000 members since the beginning.
  • Acquisitions: the CRA base contains on average 600 acquisitions each year.
  • Company buyers: approximately 1400 members
  • Accomplishments : more than 1 out of 4 business offers managed by the CRA holding leads to a signed contract
  • Working groups: every year, 400 members participate in 50 working groups, thus increasing their chances of success and minimizing time spent on potential client searching
  • Training: 8 training courses, run over a period of 4 consecutive weeks, are organized each year in Paris, and 4 courses in Lyon.

CRA has 70 regional delegations in France and 1 delegation in Geneva.

CRA is one the founding members of Transeo AISBL.

Contact person:

Bernard Fraïoli, Chairman

Cédants et Repreneurs d’Affaires (CRA)

45, rue Vivienne
75002 PARIS

Tel: +33 (0) 144 82 79 69
Fax: +33 (0)1 40 26 74 17
Mobile: /

E-mail: bernard.fraioli@cra-asso.org
Website: http://www.cra.asso.fr/