Enterprise Lithuania

“Enterprise Lithuania” is a non-profit limited liability public entity. The owner of the company is Republic of Lithuania and it operates under the Ministry of Economy of Republic of Lithuania. The organizational structure of “Enterprise Lithuania” consists of Export and Entrepreneurship departments and representatives in other Lithuanian regions. The main focus of the company is providing services of consultancy for exporting and entrepreneurial purposes.

Contact person:

Dovydas Varkulevicius, Director, Enterpreneurship Department

Enterprise Lithuania

A.Gostauto str. 40a
LT-01112  Vilnius

Tel: +370 5 204 5806
Fax: +370 5 204 5808
Mobile: +370 611 46 119
E-mail: d.varkulevicius@enterpriselithuania.com
Website : www.enterpriselithuania.com