KPMG Fiduciaire

KPMG Fiduciaire scrl can play a "all-in" service to the buyers and sellers. From valuation to due diligence (financial and tax) to financing, structuring and assistance to preparation of shares purchase agreement.

KPMG & Partners Accountancy delivers personalized support and advice to regional, national and international companies, non-profit organizations, and public administrations with regard to accounting, VAT, direct taxes, annual accounts, administrative support, legal issues and obligations. Our range of services:
  • Monthly quality review of accounts, VAT and tax obligations
  • Preparation of internal financial statements and the annual accounts
  • Assistance with the preparation of various tax returns (both direct and indirect taxes)
  • Drawing up and/or review of monthly and/or quarterly reports
  • Drawing up of comparative analyses and spreadsheets, and determination of key performance indicators with commentary
  • Presentation and evaluation of financial results to management and shareholders with discussion on significant issues
  • Assistance with budget forecasts and evaluation of budgets
  • Assistance with intercompany reconciliations
  • Advice on the implementation of accounting procedures
  • Assistance with conversions from local GAAP financial statements into international reporting standards
  • Special assignments according to company law: assistance to and representation of individual shareholders, reports concerning company liquidation and company transformation, limitation of priority rights and capital increases
  • Support at both administrative and accounting level in pre and post merger (or split) situations
  • Comparative analyses of companies (benchmarking)

KPMG’s corporate finance teams can support you in finding and developing transactional opportunities. They can assist in deal evaluation, financing and deal management for national and multinational companies and public sector organizations.
Once specific opportunities mature, KPMG’s transaction services teams can support you by reducing risks for buyers and sellers. They can assist across the entire transaction cycle, from pre-deal evaluation through negotiation and completion, to post-deal or separation. 

Contact persons:

Didier Husquinet, Director, KPMG & Partners Accountancy

Clos Chanmurly,13
4000 Liège

Tel:+32 4 225 53 14
Fax:+32 4 225 53 99

Dirk Noeninckx, Partner - Head of Fiduciaire KPMG & Partners Accountancy

Clos Chanmurly,13
4000 Liège

Tel:+32 3 821 19 47
Fax:+32 3 825 22 25