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Vlerick Business School is an international academic school of management that aims to make an important contribution to professionalizing management and encouraging entrepreneurship. The school realises this mission through rigorous and relevant scientific research and by offering a wide range of high-quality management courses with a specific European dimension. Vlerick Business School welcomes students, managers and organisations from all over the world.

The Platform Entrepreneurial Buyouts (PEBO) is an initiative launched by Prof. Miguel Meuleman from Vlerick Business School in collaboration with BDO Belgium to run events and educational programmes that benefit entrepreneurial individuals with the ambition to undertake a buyout. The platform wants to adopt a wider advocacy role by raising awareness and understanding of entrepreneurial buyouts as a means to unleash the entrepreneurial potential of the individual and to realize the entrepreneurial potential of the firm.
The mission of the Platform Entrepreneurial Buyouts can be defined as:
The Platform Entrepreneurial Buyouts wants to promote acquisitions to individuals seeking entrepreneurial opportunities by creating awareness and developing and spreading state-of-the-art knowledge on the processes underlying successful entrepreneurial buyouts.
The Platform Entrepreneurial Buyouts focuses on three sets of activities 1) Research and cases 2) Education 3) Outreach.

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