The Belgian Knowledge Centre for SME Financing (BeCeFi) is a national reference centre for the financing of small and medium sized enterprises. Via our homepage you can download the publications of BeCeFi. For entrepreneurs our website offers practical information about the financing of their projects.

Business transfer : An important stage in a company’s life is the way it is passed on to the next owner. The business person in question needs to be prepared for the various phases of this complex process at the right time. Various initiatives have already been put in place in Belgium and throughout Europe aimed at supporting, informing and coaching entrepreneurs in transfering of or taking over businesses.

The BeCeFi has carried out a study in which it has mapped out the way companies are passed on in Belgium. Using an approach that is both quantitative and prospective, the BeCeFi uses the study to describe the number and the key characteristics of the companies which, over the next ten years, will potentially be passed on to a new owner following the original owner’s retirement. It also includes an assessment of the overall economic and jobs-related effect of not transfering the business at all, or doing so badly.

In September 2007, the BeCeFi published an initial study on business transfer in which it analysed, qualitatively and quantitatively, the problems facing Belgian SMEs in terms of financing when it comes to passing them on to a new owner. The qualitative part of the study consisted of a summary of the reference literature and expert opinion on the subject. The quantitative part presented a statistical analysis of the credit or guarantee applications in the context of financing the change of ownership for SMEs, drawing useful conclusions from them and leading to recommendations for dealing with these problems as effectively as possible.

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