Akeon Genesis

Akeon Genesis is the partner by excellence for a reliable, correct transition of your company. Neutral and objective advise and assisting in taking the right decisions at the right moment. Seeking if necessary that extra opinion of an expert in a specific domain to create a perfect transition without surprises of your company.
If is a family transition, a M&A scenario, capital increase with a new partner, MBO, MBI, Akeon Genesis is the coordinator of all information in co-operation with the entrepreneur for the most convenient and optimised solution as well in the long as in the short run.
In order to avoid surprises and “corpses out of the cupboards” we work in a proven methodological sequence, step by step, knowing what and when to expect during the full proces…also the cost.


Contact person:

Danny Eysenbrandts

Akeon Genesis bvba
Zuiderlaan 91
1731 Asse
Tel: +32 24811930
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E-mail: danny.eysenbrandts@unizo.be 
Website: http://www.akeongenesis.com/