SOWACCESS (Société wallonne d'acquisitions et de cessions d'entreprises)

SOWACCESS (“Société Wallonne d'Acquisition et de Cession d'Entreprises”), a subsidiary of the SOWALFIN Group, is the Walloon company for SME transfer and takeover.


The two main missions of SOWACCESS are the following:

1. SOWACCESS facilitates contacts between sellers and buyers in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands

SOWACCESS facilitates matching between sellers and buyers through the management of the international matching platform, in collaboration with MKBase and CRA.

This matching platform integrates:

  • 1500 sellers
  • 2500 buyers
  • 480 partners (advisors)

As far as potential sellers are concerned:
SOWACCESS offers potential sellers the opportunity to identify, in total confidentiality, candidates among its affiliated buyers that are likely to be interested in acquiring their business. Sellers may also, if they wish, place an anonymous advertisement for their business on the SOWACCESS website.

As far as potential buyers are concerned:

SOWACCESS offers potential buyers an active service in seeking targets in its database, tailored to their search criteria. Buyers may also, if they wish, place an anonymous business wanted advertisement on the SOWACCESS website. Thanks to its partnership with the MKBase Group and the CRA, SOWACCESS offers access to businesses for sale in Brussels, Flanders, the Netherlands and in France.

SOWACCESS collaborates with a vast network of recognized business consultants and business transfer agents in Wallonia. SOWACCESS thus offers business consultants or intermediaries in business transfers a partnership that will allow their clients to benefit, in complete confidentiality, from its service to search for counterparts. With the aim of professionalizing the transfer process and guaranteeing collaborations with credible private-sector advisers offering high-quality services to those using the business selling/buying database, SOWACCESS has set up an application process for preliminary approval of its partners. So all “agreed partners” of SOWACCESS are approved by the SOWACCESS Ethics Committee, and sign an Ethics Charter.

2. SOWACCESS provides information and raises awareness of the sale/acquisition of businesses:

SOWACCESS is called upon to play a centralizing role in the Walloon region in matters relating to access to information on business transfers (information sessions, seminars, conferences, technical training courses, publications, etc.).

To this end, SOWACCESS has developed in partnership with the Company Performance Study Centre at HEC-Ulg an IT-based help tool intended for entrepreneurs considering the sale of their business in the short to medium term: SME Transfer Diagnostics ("Diagnostic Transmission PME"). This tool is an easy-to-use multiple-choice questionnaire to be filled-in online, wholly anonymously. It covers the basic questions to be asked when considering the sale of a business and offers tips and advice, to help the potential seller better prepare the sale of its SME.

SOWACCESS has also published the Practical Guide to Business Transfers ("Guide pratique de la transmission"). This guide, written for entrepreneurs and their consultants/advisers allows entrepreneurs to better understand the transfer process and be better prepared for the transfer of their business.

Furthermore, SOWACCESS proposes to highlight all events organized by its partners in the field of SME transfer.


SOWACCESS, together with MKBase and CRA, initiated the Transeo project, with the organization of the first European Conference for SME Transfer, which took place in May 2009 in Spa (Belgium) (200 participants from 18 countries).

SOWACCESS is founding member of Transeo aisbl.

SOWACCESS is recognized as European good practice in the European Guide "Facilitating Transfer of business" (see page 30).

Contact person:

Jean-Pierre Di Bartolomeo, Chairman


13, Avenue M. Destenay
4000 Liège

Tel: +32(0)4 250 00 81
Fax: +32(0)4 250 00 82
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