Vaughan Avocats

VAUGHAN Avocats is structured around a new business model which is based on the undeniable fact  that, in France, a clear understanding of Labour and Employment Law is crucial to an effective legal strategy.

Accordingly,  the firm was built around a powerful Labour and Employment practice, in order to boost the growth of our other expert practice areas which include:

  • Corporate law (companies, securities, mergers and acquisitions, project and asset financing)
  • Restructuration business (recovery, industrial re-implementation)
  • International mobility (policy, transfers, compensations & benefits …)
  • Taxation (corporate tax, personal asset management and real estate taxation)
  • Real estate

With 8 partners all recognized specialists in their fields, 9 senior associates (directors) and 13 associates, we have doubled in size since our creation in 2005.
Catering to the interaction between the various disciplines of law that apply to business is at the heart of our approach.
3 partners (2 in Paris and 1 in Sofia Antipolis) developed a strong experience in handling medium sized business transfers with or without leverage.



We are attached to the rules and principles of our profession and we are scrupulously watchful of constant compliance by all our professionals.

We position ourselves as a quality alternative to the major Paris firms and we are recognised as such by our clients and peers.

The human equation is at the core of our business model and we also put people first in our work place. Communication is vital to us for this purpose.

Our teams are trained to a constant co-ordination between our various departments in order to manage and advance the close interaction and sharing of knowledge which are necessary for increasing our added value for the clients.

Our clients and industry sectors

We are proud to represent over 40 French or non French controlled major groups and a number of fast growing businesses, predominantly involved in industry, engineering, R&D and finance.

The long-term confidence of our clients is our reward.


Proximity with the clients is one of our tenets. In direct application of that principle of action, we opened offices in Toulouse in 2006, in order to provide expert advice in international mobility to French establishments of major clients.
In 2008, we pursue the same logic with the opening of new offices in the French R&D hub of Sophia-Antipolis (Nice). This new office is dedicated to corporate and IT work.


VAUGHAN handles multi country projects on a regular basis, from the international management of HR to international investments and acquisitions, international taxation, development and construction contracts and dispute resolution.

Our international experience, which stems from years of practice of international projects, nurtures our adaptability and responsiveness and also steps up our creativity in terms of practical and practicable solutions.

Our international services are backed by proven foreign correspondents, which we have chosen and followed up based on their individual competence irrespective of their affiliation to one or the other regional or global network.

Contact person:  

Gaspard Brulé, Partner


Rue Etienne Marcel 51
75001 Paris

Tel: +33 (0) 1 53 53 69 00

Fax: +33 (0) 1 53 53 69 01

Mobile: +33 (0) 6 61 84 71