Harmonie Intervention

Harmonie Intervention is an advising company based in Québec, Canada, specialized in the family takeovers. It offers advising services in how to best manage the takeover, in how to ensure the team cohesion. Harmonie Intervention also organizes working groups and advises companies in conflict management.


Harmonie Intervention prevents and solves divergences in order to ensure the company’s growth.


Harmonie Intervention works in four steps, to obtain a concrete, judicious and flexible plan. This plan is based on each member of the team’s strenghts and ensures optimal synergy. The plan is developped with the whole team, which will ensure that everyone will subscribe to it and will contribute to its success.


Sylvie Huard is the Managing Director of Harmonie Intervention. As a consultant, she is specialized in the management of SME takeovers. Sylvie Huard holds a MBA and a Baccalaureate in Psychology and has wide business experience: she combines an approach based on the human aspects, with wide commercial expertise. As a matter of fact, as an entrepreneur, Sylvie Huard closed nine deals (value between $50,000 and $1,400,000). She was also CEO of a company, which sales went from 20 million $ to 100 million $ in eleven years. Sylvie Huard is also accreditated as a business takeover consultant by the Business Development Bank of Canada.

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Sylvie Huard, Consultante Expertise Relève

Harmonie Intervention

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