– the Danish matching platform for sellers and buyers of SMEs. is the largest internet based advisory driven company dealsite with advisors ranging from banks, accountants, lawyers to M&A houses, organizations and local company organizations.’s vision is to cover all aspects of the process in regard to buying/selling companies from over-the-counter shares, minority stakes in companies to full blown companies.

From the startup of companies until the bankruptcy of companies. From share capital to IPOs and covering crowd-funding. Said in short terms, we have the intention to be the place where the company is traded, the knowledge is available and the place where to find key persons.

Our advisors all run their own companies, and all have that in common, that they are professional, they live from their advisory services within their own special fields of knowledge.


We don’t believe, that it is possible to buy or sell a company via the internet, but creating the contact is our aim. We also believe that the company owners rarely would like to miss out on having their advisors within accounting, financing, legal and/or a company broker when it comes to the actual process of buying/selling their company. This is the main reason for our commitment to supporting the advisors in the deal process.

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Johnnie Bloch Jensen, CEO

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