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Dr. Lex van Teeffelen is Full Professor at the HU Business School Utrecht in the Netherlands.

He is Professor in Finance and Firm Acquisition. He started his career as an academic researcher, modeling improvement of quality in service industry. Being more attracted to help organizations than to write about them, he worked for 15 years as a (senior) business and management consultant, assisting boards and middle management in strategy, decision-making and implementing major process innovations.

He returned to university as lecturer as a hobby first, but was drawn developing major and minor programs on management consultancy, challenging and coaching students during external (research) assignments, encouraging both student and firm’s business performance.

Curiosity on the effects of succession of small business and their performance made him pick up his research activities in 2004. His field of interest is  the transformation process of selling, acquiring and the subsequent renewal of SMEs from the perspective of firm performance and the entrepreneur.

His research activities are on:

  • Finance and firm acquisition
  • Predicting success of succession, ownership transfers and acquisitions
  • Organizational change, innovations and small firm performance
  • Entrepreneurial teams and performance of homogeneous and heterogeneous teams
  • Added value of advisory services on business transfers and M&A
  • Forecasting national trends in transfers and liquidations and impact on economy of ownership
  • Predicting and profiling on different types of entrepreneurial entry and exit
  • Entrepreneurship programs and impact on firm performance


Contact person:

Lex van Teeffelen, Full Professor

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