Ventures4Growth acts as the trusted advisor for buyers and sellers of European SMEs

All V4G client mandates are based on exclusivity to express our commitment to success.

Our client partners are all ex-entrepreneurs for an optimal client relationship. Their business experience allows us to cover a wide range of industries, mostly B2B oriented.

At V4G we place high value on keeping an independent position and integrity.

Besides our role as a guide during the entire project, we monitor the mental process that our client undergoes.

Throughout the years, we have built systems and gained a vast experience in buy mandates.

Ventures4Growth provides a range of (corporate) matchmaking services including acquisitions, divestments, company sales, OBO. we focus on companies with revenues going from €2,5 mln to €25 mln.

As a Transeo Member we subscribe their code of conduct.

Contact person:

Chris Raman, Managing Director


Ajuinlei, 1
9000 Gent

Tel:+32 (0) 9 269 52 44
Fax:+32 (0) 9 269 52 99