Confidentum Ltd operates in three business areas: family business management consulting, middle market M&A services and  business transfer advisory services for governmental and  public organizations. Confidentum Ltd has been active in these fields since 1998 and  it’s expertice is higly respected among both business clients and public organizations.

Confidentum  is committed to assisting families and especially the next generation  leaders in the proactive renewal of the family business.  Family business is a complex but yet a very profound  entity. Therefore, in our approach to consulting, we always consider the client’s whole system – family, business, and ownership. We prefer to establish long-term, ongoing relationships with our clients.

Our services consist:
1. Family Business Scorecard™ - Family and business goals combined
2. Value Up System™ - Company's strategic and operational development in order to increase shareholder value
3. Futuro™ - Family Business Research and benchmarking services
4. Succession planning and execution - Ownership and leadership transition in Family Business
5. Middle market M&A services including market analysis, financial analysis, business valuation, capitalization structure, due diligence, memorandum preparation, structuring of transactions, negotiating, and closing financial terms tailored to the clients need and capital market demands.
6.  Business Transfer Advisory services for the Ministry of the Employment and economy, regional public business development centres and the European Commission

At the 3rd National Business Transfer Conference for Business Transfer professionals, Sakari Oikarinen was awarded the "Best Business Transfer Professional in Finland".






Contact person:

Sakari Oikarinen, Managing Director

Confidentum Ltd

Confidentum Ltd c/o Oikarinen, Keskikatu 22 B 43, 40700 Jyväskylä, Finland

Mobile: +358469216060