Swiss M&A Experts Chamber

Description :

The Swiss M&A Experts Chamber aims to promote in Switzerland professional training activities for individuals with qualifications in M&A realm and operating on the Swiss M&A market, in particular the holders of the Certificate of Advanced Studies HES-SO in Mergers, Acquisitions and Business Transfers (CAS in M&,A). lt aims to promote in Switzerland the recognition of qualifying professional and quality educations among participants to the M&A market (advisors, banks and investment funds), in particular the CAS in M&A. ln addition, the association aims to assist members in collecting and disseminating relevant and interesting information about M&A and business transfers.

Contact person :
Cyril Schaer, secrétaire général

Swiss M&A Experts Chamber

c/o Central Patronal, 2 route du Lac
1094 Paudex

Tel: +41 58 79 63351