StudioCentroVeneto s.a.s.

StudioCentroVeneto (SCV) is an Italian consultant company founded by Toni Brunello and working with micro and SMEs since 1968, today on the top of Europe in Business Transfer issue.

During the last 20 years SCV has more and more implemented a system of tools aimed to face business transfer as a "territory matter", so addressing its work to single micro and SMEs and to the whole territory at the same time; at Regional, National and European levels. This system of tool is now known as Kit.Brunello.System - KBS, officially recognised in 2009 as European Good Practice in business transfer by the European Commission, to be hopefully spread towards all the Member Countries.

Actually, the Norwegian Business Confederation NHO has already acquired it, and some other Countries (Turkey, Bulgaria and Austria) are now involved with SCV in a European Project aimed to spread this practice within their territories.

You can read more about SCV in its official website, where the main works and experiences are quoted, so to provide the main framework to understand what SCV deals with.

Some more references about its founder, Mr. Toni Brunello:

  • Leading spirit, at European level, of Business Transfer theme (Small Business Act (SBA) for Europe, 2nd July 2008: the EU advices that the theme should be treated from national governments; 23rd February 2011: the SBA review confirms business transfer as key issue to be dealt by Member Countries governments).
  • Italian delegate, officially appointed by Italian Economical Development Ministry, at the European SBA Conference “Getting SMEs on the road to recovery” – Madrid, June 2010.
  • Official speaker at the European Charter of SMEs Conference 2009: presentation of “Kit.Brunello.System”, selected as European Good Practice – Stockholm, October 2009.
  • Official guest at the first TRANSEO Conference: moderator within the workshop “Matchmaking Platform: the Best is yet to Come” – Spa, May 2009.
  • Official speaker at the European SME Week during the event Le nuove sfide per le PMI nell’epoca dell’internazionalizzazione (New SMEs challenges in the age of internationalization) - Brussels, May 2009.
  • Official guest at the EU Forum Breaking New Ground in Restructuring: Insights from the European Social Fund Article 6 Programme, to present the “Bank of Cases” as best outcome of the European Project REINO – Paris, November 2008.
  • Official Speaker, as European Commission Expert, at the Conférence Européenne de l’Artisanat et des Petite Entreprises - Tours, October 2008.
  • European Union Expert in the 3 Work Groups on business transfer activated by the European Commission. Speaker, as Italian representative, in international venues.
  • Operative promoter of the national Work Table by the competent ministry (Industry / Economical Development).
  • Active partner of trans-national projects dealing with Business Transfer issues, with presences all over the Europe and Candidate Countries.
  • In Italy, active with projects throughout the nation.
  • More than 100 companies closely assisted, and more than 600 analysed through a variety of initiatives.

Contact person:

Toni Brunello, European Expert in Business Transfer

StudioCentroVeneto s.a.s.

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