Groupe Colipain

Description :

The Colipain Group specializes in M&A (diagnosis, transfer and acquisition), Corporate Finance and in Mediation between partners. He is mainly active in the field of Mid Cap Market companies with a national and international dimension, family and private companies. The main objective of the Colipain Group business firm is to ensure the success, growth and sustainability of the companies that trust it.

The Colipain Group is present from early stages of diagnosis and valuation. He will carry out an active search for investors and will contribute to the sale of the company in an economically and humanly favorable context.

The business firm is also present alongside the buyer during acquisition, whether it is a takeover or a merger.

During these different phases of your projects, the human impact is often important and should not be overlooked. Marc Johnen intervenes for civil and commercial mediations and makes it possible to resolve certain conflicts or disputes at the level of management or shareholders.

Drawing on its recognized expertise, it offers management of your project from A to Z with technical, financial, legal and tax skills within its structure.

Contact person:

Marc Johnen, CEO

Groupe Colipain

83A Rue Hilaire Parmentier
1440 Braine Le Château

Tel: +32 2 384 13 90