Muller & Associés

Muller & Associés is a Luxembourg anchored consulting and accounting firm. Our job consists in providing decision-makers with actionable and connected financial data to assist them in their decision-making. We achieve this while connecting our 3 key skills:

1/ A well-defined and documented methodology
2/ Proprietary IT Tools
3/ A dedicated team

Our services are linked to numbers and range from accounting (member of the Luxembourg chartered accounting body OEC) through business consulting (corporate finance) up to business reporting through our tool (

Our clientele is twofold:

-       Medium and large private companies, whereby a large stake of our clients are composed of Luxembourg based family-owned businesses

-       Public sector (municipalities, administrations, companies owned by the State, Ministries and Government)

With regard to family-owned businesses, we are heavily confronted with business transfers (mostly within the family but also to third parties). In those business transfer ventures we typically provide the following support:

-       Valuations

-       Strategy, business modelling and business plan

-       Business continuity plans (strategy) and follow-up (reporting)

The company is run by Frédéric and Laurent Muller, the common language within the company is Luxembourgish, but professional work is carried out in English, French and German.

Contact person:

Laurent Muller, Managing Partner


153-155 Rue du Kiem (Pagosa Building, Entrée A)
8030 Strassen

Phone: +35 2404821